Where is AAPL going?

Where is AAPL going? We say up until it tests the upper trend line ($450ish)

However, respect the market, use today’s high & low as tomorrow’s support & resistance and trade accordingly.

Remember, slow & steady wins the race.

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How to trade TSLA 1st of May, 2013

Can TSLA go higher or is a correction due? Today’s candle (inverse hammer) suggests a down day tomorrow, but keep an open mind because the market has a mind of its own.

Short on break of today’s low $53.76 and go long on break of today’s open $56.00 (need to watch as it will likely test today’s high of $58.18 and may not make it higher).

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Watchlist for April 30th, 2013


BBRY closed above a 3 month wedge. This should be a $6 move if the breakout continues (price target of around $22).

As confirmation, enter long on break of today’s high ($15.68) and higher than today’s volume.


Today’s hammer candlestick shows a bullish sign that DOW will continue to break out to new highs.

Use $34.22 as price confirmation, with conservative price target of $37.

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What’s to come for Visa (V)

V is coming to a very critical support level (blue line & 50d SAM of $161.03). MACD is bearish although STO in oversold territory.

Historically when V cross below the middle Bollinger Band it goes down to the lower band before bouncing back up. We are not quite there yet!

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ITB breaking down from uptrend line

IBT closed below it’s long-term up trend line (blue line) with heavy sell volume.

Look to initiate short on break of today’s low ($21.95).

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High probability play for Friday 04/12/2013

Special thanks to Thanh C. from our SRT Mastermind Group with this high probability trade for tomorrow.

AXLL closed above its 10 and 50 day SMA with stochastics indicator just coming out of the oversold territory, and MACD beginning to reverse its bearish trend.

Go long on break of today’s High of Day (HOD) of $58.40.

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High probability plays for Thursday 04/11/2013


AMZN breezes through its 50 day Simple Moving Average (SMA) line, and closed above the downtrend line (top blue line). Expect another up tick for tomorrow.


Another one to watch for tomorrow is EBAY. There is nothing bearish about this stock and prepare to go long on this ticker when it confirms today’s close at $57.30 (Be careful if it opens gap up, wait for 10 minute price confirmation).

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BAC starting a up trend (???)

Does history repeat itself? You be the judge.

BAC had a nice strong day of breaking through 5 and 10 day SMA indicators. More bullish follow through is expected, but trade accordingly!

You can always use the previous day’s low and high of the day as today’s support & resistance level if you don’t use any indicators. Remember not to put all your marbles in one trade, cut the losers quick and ride the winners!

Good luck!

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How to trade NFLX for April 9th, 2013

The chart says it all. If you need help or explanation, join other elite traders in our SRT Mastermind Group!

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Play Of The Week – OXY

Get more trading ideas like this one in our member’s area.

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