Million Dollar Options Trader Mastermind (Lifetime Access)

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Success in trading is 20% knowledge, 80% behavior, much like other success goals in life such as losing weight, or getting out of debt.

Want to lose some pounds? Eat healthy and exercise! You already know this.

Want to get out of debt? Establish a budget and live within your means! Hm… You know this as well.

Want to make money in stock trading? You know damn well what to do here as well – buy low, sell high!

If you already know all this, why aren’t you rich yet? We’ve all heard too commonly, “oh, I should have sold it when it was up.”, or how about “oh, I could have made 2 times more if I didn’t sell too early.”, or how about “I shouldn’t have been bought this!”

You see, knowing which stock to trade, knowing the entry price, the target and stop prices is only part of the equation to profitable trading, and that is why the SRT Mastermind Group is formed. We are here to help you become a successful trader. Period.

As SRT Mastermind member you’ll be joining a group of elite stocks/options traders who have been through it all. Our mentors will help you both on the 20% knowledge and 80% discipline you need.

Here are some benefits of joining our SRT Mastermind Group:

  • Access to our exclusive Surefire Profits Options Trading (SPOT) plan.
    Truth is, no one can win 10 out 10 trades, and by following this plan will ensure that one losing trade does not wipe out your entire account. We plan our trade and trade to our plan for long-term consistency.
  • Weekly trade setups and chart analysis for high probability trades.
    In fact we give you daily trade ideas but don’t want to promise that you’ll have actionable trades every single day. You’ll quickly learn this is one of the disciplines of a successful trader, that on some days it’s best to sit out and let the market tell you which way it’s going to go.
  • Private chatroom where you get real-time trade alerts by our master traders.
    This is where 50% to 100% gains are made regularly. Our master traders will give you real-time trade alerts, give you exact strike and expiration for the options being opened and closed.

For a limited time we are running a life-time membership promotion. Membership fee is subject to increase as the group grows in order to keep the group exclusive and organized.

$97* one-time fee


SRT Mastermind Group is for self-directed stock/options traders with purpose of providing educational and informational technical stock analysis. Use caution as you read through information posted in the chatroom and when engaging other users (Please read our full Disclaimer).

* You are protected 100% with your purchase today with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We will promptly refund your membership fee upon request.

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