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Hi, welcome to the Support Resistance Trading (SRT) – a site for active stock/options traders and investors. This site was started because of my interest in blogging and stock trading.

If you are a fundamentalist, you will benefit from the expertise of technical traders to help you identify good times to get and out of a solid fundamental stock.

If you are a technical trader, you will benefit from the expertise of position traders to help you identify solid stocks to trading. In case a technical signal didn’t play out the way you expected, you at least know you are in position with a solid stock.

This blog is being authored by multiple traders and analysts. You are here notified that SRT, nor the authors are not responsible or liable for any financial loss (or gain in our case) incurred. The information presented on this blog are for educational and entertainment purpose and you should seek a professional financial advisor before investing in the stock market.

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Welcome, and happy trading!